My Kore website enables me and my employees to focus more on running my business and less time managing my website.


Template is a four-letter word around these parts. Each site is custom designed for your business and your business' goals.


It's hard to run your business if your whole marketing budget is used on your website. Now you can get what you want and stay within your budget.


The sooner your site is done the sooner you can start using it. Our processes are tailored to get your site built as quickly as possible without sacrificing quality.

Kore Features

Looks great on every device

We have responsive design embedded in our DNA. Each of our sites is designed so that it automatically responds to the size of a user’s device, whether it’s a phone, tablet, or desktop computer. Your users will never be asked if they want a mobile or desktop version. Everything works seamlessly.

A WMS that’s powerful and easy to use

Life is full of trade offs. But we’ve designed our website management system so you don’t have to compromise a great design or professional layout to have tools that are simple to use. It also means we don’t restrict the number of pages you can create. That’s the beauty of having a site built by a company that values design and ease-of-use as highly as it does great features.

Less time managing, more time selling

The last thing your business needs is spending more time managing your site. Your Kore website enables you and your employees to focus more on running your business, and spend less time managing your site. 

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